Silver Rolls Royce

Refund Policy


Silver Rolls Royce has an impeccable reputation of the best car and the best service for your wedding, anniversary or birthday.  We uphold the highest integrity for our service to accommodate your wishes to the best of our ability and beyond.  Full payment is appreciated in advance upon receipt of your drivers documented description of your event.  50% down is an option, but is generally the exception not the rule.  Full payment is easier for you and me to track.  Over the past 20 yrs, SRR was only been asked once to refund payment.  This was due to the wedding being rescheduled the following year.  To which, 100% refund was gladly compensated.

  It's best to reserve your date FAR in advance.  Most reservations are confirmed between Jan-March of the current year. To further guarantee your date, you can book a year in advance.  Your reservation is considered complete when full payment is received.


 Please fill out the reservation page.  This will send me an email and I'll get right back to you about your event.  If you prefer a phone call, then you may indicate that in the text field.

My standard rate is based on a 2 hour consecutive block for you to use between the wedding and the reception. A return pickup at the end of the evening would be extra. I often get requests for a single hour at the end of the evening. This is exceptional to my standard practice, thus a higher fee. A 2 hour reservation can not be split up. However, a 3 hour reservation can be split up.
2 hour reservation: $750
3 hour reservation: $1125
1 hour end of the evening pickup: $650